We make every day count  

Co-founders John Bourne and Jack Bertuzzi started BrightCurrent because they believed that education could catalyze the adoption of clean energy. So they printed shirts, bought some clipboards and spent the first year talking with customers at local events and going door to door.  From those humble origins we've stayed true to our vision. We are all Ambassadors.

  • Health benefits for all full time employees
  • Paid vacation days and major holidays off
  • Paid sick leave
  • 92% of managers are promotions from within
  • Paid trainings and free tech devices
  • Cool perks like a free massage every month
  • You choose: hourly plus bonus or commission only plans with no cap on earnings

See what our team members have to say

Michael McCue- SEnior Lead Ambassador

“I really enjoy training my team on how to make technology like smart thermostats and electric bikes relevant to our customer's lives.”

Ashley McKinney- Lead Recruiter

“I love that so many of our team members come from employee referrals. It's a great sign that team members love the culture and believe in our vision.”

Maurice Clement- Senior LEad Ambassador

“As a Senior Lead Ambassador, I inspire my team members to smile and radiate positivity every day.”