Learn About Us.

BrightCurrent provides a simple and affordable pathway to clean power.

Co-founders Jack Bertuzzi and John Bourne launched BrightCurrent in 2011 with the belief that education is the biggest barrier to home solar adoption.

With its roots as an independent consultancy providing market insights to clients such as McKinsey & Co., BrightCurrent has evolved into a national outreach movement that is changing the way people think about clean energy.

Our education approach focuses on the following channels:

In-Store Kiosks
Event Management

We're passionate about our mission of providing the most simple pathway to affordable clean energy. Call us at (877) 896-3306 and we will let you know if you qualify for solar at your home in 5 minutes or less.


"Our customers pay nothing upfront and save an average of $900 the first year. No other clean energy company can say that."

John Bourne

BrightCurrent President